Custom Medical Splints in Hospitals – Why Not?

I recently dislocated my finger and was told by the Dr. I would’ve been better off breaking it… She said it would need to be in a splint for 2 months, and only the outside knuckle. They couldn’t properly splint it there (amazing healthcare I have) so she recommended I buy a splint at Walgreens and use it as a” buddy” splint – tape finger to closest finger for support.

I tried this Walgreens splint for two days before I had to rip it off. It was horrible, wet and sweaty and incredibly uncomfortable. So, I decided to make this a new studio project, why not.. Necessity is the mother of all invention after all… It was an incredibly quick project – several prototypes and 2 days later I now have a splint that I can live with for two months.

Having a rapid prototyping machine often makes me feel as if the Jetsons are here. This project got me thinking… Why aren’t we using rapid 3d printing in hospitals and clinics for things like this, or maybe we are and my healthcare coverage just doesn’t cover those clinics and hospitals.

Upwell Custom Finger Splint test

design medical splint 3dprinting

Upwell Medical splint