Experimenting w/ Makerbot | I now hate my computer less

Experimenting with the new Makerbot (aka: R2) via new iPhone case. I needed a new iPhone case – incase fail – and a good excuse to play with Makerbot, so I did a quick one day design-to-production experiment at Upwells studio. Was able to design and print a fairly accurate model by end of day, however final model with CMF took a total of 3 days. The majority of the three days was spent refining and printing models for fit around phone and moving parts, as well paint and finish.I love that 3D printing/rapid prototyping has become more affordable and smaller – hence more accessible to the public. It will definitely be the new standard home appliance in the future. Its pretty incredible to think you can design something in the morning, send it to print in the evening, and have it waiting for you in the kitchen by morning… the kitchen seemed to make sense. Finally, I can use my computer for something useful.