Belkin Android Smart Dock

Accessories / Consumer Electronics

The Belkin Smart Dock is designed to be an intelligent bedside phone dock. Outfitted with motion sensors, the smart dock when paired with your phone – and Belkin app – becomes your morning control center. Hit snooze with the waive of a hand, turn on the lights or even start the pot of coffee all from bed.

The two major challenges with this concept were to create an Android dock that would securely accommodate the countless sizes of Android phones  combined with the ability to work seamlessly in portrait or landscape mode. By creating two integrated spring loaded wings we were able to secure and align the phone with the connector when set into the dock. The wings have a range of 1.5″ which is able to accommodate the majority of Android phones on the market. In order to ensure the dock worked in landscape mode as well as portrait we rigorously refined and tested the balance between weight distribution, size/shape of surface area and material selection. It had to be stable in two completely different positions and work as a one handed operation when engaging the phones touch screen.


Upwell Design Studio belkin prototypes

Dock prototypes
I worked heavily with hand made foam models, it was the quickest way to visualize early concept sketches.


Belkin protoype testing, upwell design

Weight studies
In order to view and interact with the phone in landscape or portrait mode – without having the dock move all over – there had to be a precise distribution of weight in very specific locations. This is an example of the testing that was done in the later ID phases.