Dell Precision M6400

Consumer Electronics

While at Pentagram Dell had asked us to look at exploring a new design language using the Precision Mobile Workstation as the platform. The new Precision language stresses a clear delineation between exterior and interior. The contrast in materials and colors reinforces the roles of each surface. The clean exterior metal surface states protection and durability for the mindful, function driven interior. Well laid out ports and a reduction of visual clutter make getting work done the only focus.

Upwell Dell Pentagram Precision renderings

Concept Renderings
These were early concept renderings that show: an integrated hinge, LCD screen on cover to display relevant info and the DELL logo placed off center and without their traditional plastic circle badge. (a very big deal from a branding point of view).


“Despite being a workstation model, it doesn’t compromise on looks. Its straight lines are elegant, and the array of ports and slots along the edges is logical and spaced nicely for easy access.”   –   PCworld