DL | Low Seating


The Down Low is a modular seating system. It was originally inspired by video gaming habits and the temporary furniture that supports it. Often smaller more movable furniture like milk crates or bean-bags are pulled out from a corner or behind the couch – even the coffee table becomes fair game for seating. Most of this seating is low to the ground and often spontaneous.

The focus was to create seating that was flexible, engaging and refined enough to deserve a permanent location within a space – it shouldn’t have to go away when not in use. The Down Low may take inspiration from gaming habits, but this modular seating encourages casual gatherings and works for any social setting.


“The Down Low chair is a flexible living room seating option that’s certain to make you think twice about your seating height preferences in the near future…”  ApartmentTherapy.com


Furniture design and process, upwell studios

Down Low prototype construction
The Down Low is constructed of bent aluminum, topped with an upholstered cushion. A felt pad is adhered to the base for easy mobility. I explored using bent just plywood, but went for comfort instead… That shop rug also doubles as a napping rug.