Bernhardt | Edge Lounge Seating


The Edge chair was 1 of 2 contract lounge chairs designed for Bernhardt Design – one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the the US. It was the first time I was given the opportunity and freedom to design modern seating for such a well known and visible client within the furniture world.


Edge focuses on the relationship between the hard structural frame and the soft upholstered cushion. The goal was to create a clear delineation between the two responsibilities, yet at the same time make it clear that they were very united – I didn’t want a cushion “on top of” legs – I wanted a cushion “held within” a structure. To achieve that gesture the upholstered cushion was set within the frame wherever it came into contact with it – from seat to back rest – there is always a space physically removed from the walnut structure so that the cushion is held within it.


 Furniture sketch fro edge, upwell design

Edge early concept sketch
The majority of this chair was conceived and designed by hand, even the construction drawings – sadly a fleeting process.