Dell Latitude Notebook

Consumer Electronics

While at Pentagram we were asked by Dell to redefine the design language for the entire line of Latitude E-Series Notebooks.  The Latitude is mainly used as a portable enterprise notebook. The current Latitude notebooks lacked focus Рthey were a visual mess that looked more like a low end consumer notebook  than a solid, reliable business laptop.


The new Latitude design language, as seen on the Latitude E6400, redefines the idea that a portable enterprise PC has to look and feel like a clunky corporate notebook. The Latitude language reinforces strength and durability. The substantial hinge owns the back end of the notebook – it’s not small, nor is it hidden – part of its language revolves around its strength. The screen bezel and keyboard deck is clean and organized, all visual clutter has been removed to reduce unnecessary distractions. Durable magnesium finishes and parts combined with clean straight lines only helps to reinforce the all-business nature of the new design language.


“The new E series is a stark departure from the familiar Latitude look. The result is a much more modern feel, and it fits in with the usage model of a work laptop being your main machine and frequently traveling from home to office. The E6400 still has a professional look but can also fit in with high-end designer consumer laptops.”
– Dan Ackerman

Industrial design studio renderings for dell

Early Latitude concept rendering
This is a rendering we did early in to the process to illustrate the visual hierarchy of the hinge.



Concept sketches, upwell design studio


Concept sketches
Early sketches show the different hinge concepts that were explored.