Parle Dock-it iPad Case

Accessories / Consumer Electronics

The Dock-it  iPad case is designed with the serious road warrior in mind looking to take full advantage of the high-end specs on new iPads. Big bulky laptops are no longer needed to be efficient, however a keyboard always helps. Parles Pro Dock-it is has a full keyboard with a great typing stance. Dock-it also takes advantage of the iPads touch screen by allowing it to be flipped 180° and used as a traditional tablet, while still protected within the case.


Upwell Parle Dock-it iPad case

Design Revision The Dock-it is loaded with moving parts which made it quite a design challenge. It is the transformer of iPad cases. The design of this case went through two major engineering revisions.  The first design direction was based on earlier aspirational engineering studies. The second design direction was more conservative, incorporating a sturdy exterior metal frame and shifting focus on more robust parts in order to ensure iPad protection and confidently moving actions.


 “It is obvious that the engineers at Parle Innovation paid attention to details”   –