Sol Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker

Consumer Electronics

PUNK is a wireless Bluetooth speaker designed to be the smaller, transportable and more durable version of DECK – Sol Republics first wireless speaker. The goal of this collaboration with SOL and Upwell was not only to create a small transportable speaker, but one that followed – visually – very closely in the steps of DECK – the older brother within Sol’s wireless speaker family.

While migrating DECKS existing product language on to the PUNKs stout proportions we also focused on features for clipping, wearing and standing. I looked at mechanisms like spring loaded clips, kickstands and silicone bands. However, we eventually settled on a universal and cost efficient threaded mounting post. PUNKS exterior is molded silicone with raised buttons for volume.



PUNK attached to a pack back via caliber with screw post.



Process Models
As the form became more refined I moved into foam models in order to dial proportions and see surfaces in real 3D. SLA (rapid prototype) models were made of several final directions.




Clip & Attachment Concepts
Several concepts were explored that looked at different ways to add attachment and hanging features like clips and loops, as well as ideas that explored kickstands for sound direction.



Early Concept Sketches
Early concepts focused mainly on attachment ideas.