Walhüb Hacks IKEA Video



Walhub IKEA Research & Marketing Video
I wanted a way to test the “retail” validity of Walhub with an ideal target demographic at an ideal retail location. It’s always nice to know if your intended consumer even wants to buy your product before investing too much time and money. Unfortunately, accurate consumer research isn’t cheap and before entering the unforgiving retail arena, the ability to gain as much insight into your intended consumer is invaluable.

We conducted a research experiment that doubled as a marketing tool. I created IKEA-esque product tags, chose high traffic areas and set up some cameras and microphones with the help of some friends.  After securing an IKEA employee shirt, I attempted to install a new IKEA product – Walhüb – as if I was an IKEA employee.


Research & Marketing Results
The results were better than I could’ve hoped for. The experiment helped to not only validate a consumer market for the product, but it revealed information about the effectiveness of the packaging,  the price point, and ideal locations within a retail space.  Beyond the research aspect of the experiment we used the video as a marketing tool. We received 75,000 Youtube views, an interview on national TV via Right This Minute, and creative accolades from press outlets like Advertising Age and was even editors creative pick of the week on Creativity. Upwell was able to stretch a $600 marketing budget about as far as it would go while receiving valuable sales and market research.


Video Press

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