Modern Faucet, quell, upwell design

Quell | Single Lever Faucet

Quell is a modern single lever faucet that takes its inspiration directly from the classic bent turn-table arm. The faucet is asymmetrical – unlike most faucets – but still finds its way to the center of the sink. Its hard straight lines are intended to complement the growing use of large stainless steel sinks that continue to be reused in high-end public spaces like hotels and restaurants. Most faucets that often accompany these sinks look like an add on accessory rather than an integrated system. Quell is the perfect complement to the modern, industrial stainless steel sink.


Modern faucet design, quell, upwell design


Quell Parts
Quell was Upwells first venture into the world of designing with hydrodynamics in mind. Pushing water at high pressure within an inclosed product was definitely an educational experience.


Upwell Design work penbook

Penbook | All-In-One Sketchbook


Penbook was designed to hold your pen on the go, where you need it. There’s no need to search  around the bottom of your bag or take the risk of ruining pockets. Penbook doesn’t have an extra accessory that attaches to your book to hold your pen – it keeps it simple. A  molded pocket on the front cover provides enough built-in function to keep your pen secure and right where you need it.

Penbook upwell design sketches and model

Penbook concepts sketches & prototype

Belkin Android Smart Dock

The Belkin Smart Dock is designed to be an intelligent bedside phone dock. Outfitted with motion sensors, the smart dock when paired with your phone – and Belkin app – becomes your morning control center. Hit snooze with the waive of a hand, turn on the lights or even start the pot of coffee all from bed.

The two major challenges with this concept were to create an Android dock that would securely accommodate the countless sizes of Android phones  combined with the ability to work seamlessly in portrait or landscape mode. By creating two integrated spring loaded wings we were able to secure and align the phone with the connector when set into the dock. The wings have a range of 1.5″ which is able to accommodate the majority of Android phones on the market. In order to ensure the dock worked in landscape mode as well as portrait we rigorously refined and tested the balance between weight distribution, size/shape of surface area and material selection. It had to be stable in two completely different positions and work as a one handed operation when engaging the phones touch screen.


Upwell Design Studio belkin prototypes

Dock prototypes
I worked heavily with hand made foam models, it was the quickest way to visualize early concept sketches.


Belkin protoype testing, upwell design

Weight studies
In order to view and interact with the phone in landscape or portrait mode – without having the dock move all over – there had to be a precise distribution of weight in very specific locations. This is an example of the testing that was done in the later ID phases.



Upwell Design Walhub wall hooks storage

Walhub Multi-Functional Switch Plates

Walhub is a functional switch cover that provides storage for the objects that often come and go with you – keys, mail, umbrella, scarf…Walhub re-imagines the standard, underutilized switch plate by adding practical function to it. There’s no reason why that flat piece of plastic on your wall can’t do more than just cover a hole. Taking advantage of an existing installation system in most buildings – light switch screw brackets – Walhub is a simple upgrade that only requires a screw driver – no new holes in your walls like existing wall hooks and other systems.


“Might seem like a simplistic concept, but the Walhub is actually one of the most organic designs created when it comes to seamlessly creating a place to put keys or other small essentials.” – Trendhunter


Its a system
Walhub was designed as a 3 part system because it allows the user to determine which position they want their Walhub in – right or left – by snapping out the parts and flipping them. Having parts that can easily be removed also allows for possible accessory line extension.

Upwell Design Walhub System

Upwell Products
Walhub is Upwells first endeavor into the retail world under the brand Upwell Products – we manufacture, sell and distribute a product family of 6 SKUs. Upwell was responsible for every aspect of the process: concept ideation, manufacturing management, package design, marketing and even sales. Walhub was first conceived in 2007 for a Muji competition, 2 ICFF shows (Best of ICFF 2013) and 2 Kickstarter campaigns later Upwell Products has its first product in production within the US.


See the entire Walhub family


Walhub Packaging
Upwell worked with Coa Design – close friends – and a talented design duo to develop the Walhub logo and branding. Once the brand language was established Upwell focused on creating informative packaging. The major challenge was to illustrate immediately to the consumer what was unique about Walhub. By die cutting a hole in the front of the package it allowed the functional aspect of Walhub to protrude creating a strong focal point – the hooks and storage –  the core concept of Walhub. I was proud to have our packaging recognized by The Dieline.

walhub packaging upwell design

“As someone who just moved into a new space –  this product speaks to me on many levels, from its design for functionality to the packaging that cleverly illustrates the product in use.” – The Dieline


Walhub IKEA Research & Marketing Video
I wanted a way to test the “retail” validity of Walhub with an ideal target demographic at an ideal retail location. It’s always nice to know if your intended consumer even wants to buy your product before investing too much time and money. Unfortunately, accurate consumer research isn’t cheap and before entering the unforgiving retail arena, the ability to gain as much insight into your intended consumer is invaluable. So we conducted a research experiment that doubled as a marketing tool. 75,000 Youtube views later, an interview on national TV, and creative accolades from press outlets like Advertising Age and was even editors creative pick of the week on Creativity. Upwell was able to stretch a $600 marketing budget about as far as it would go while receiving valuable sales research.

Walhub hacks IKEA video


Upwell Design Work Parle ipad case keyboard

Parle Dock-it iPad Case

The Dock-it  iPad case is designed with the serious road warrior in mind looking to take full advantage of the high-end specs on new iPads. Big bulky laptops are no longer needed to be efficient, however a keyboard always helps. Parles Pro Dock-it is has a full keyboard with a great typing stance. Dock-it also takes advantage of the iPads touch screen by allowing it to be flipped 180° and used as a traditional tablet, while still protected within the case.


Upwell Parle Dock-it iPad case

Design Revision The Dock-it is loaded with moving parts which made it quite a design challenge. It is the transformer of iPad cases. The design of this case went through two major engineering revisions.  The first design direction was based on earlier aspirational engineering studies. The second design direction was more conservative, incorporating a sturdy exterior metal frame and shifting focus on more robust parts in order to ensure iPad protection and confidently moving actions.


 “It is obvious that the engineers at Parle Innovation paid attention to details”   –


Sol Republic Pro Cables

The Pro Cable is an all in one cable that comes with a 1/4″ and 1/8″ audio connector to work with any type of audio device – from in flight iPod listening to a Friday night DJ set – it’s the only cable you’ll ever need. We wanted to create a versatile cable that would work with professional DJ equipment as well as any standard audio equipment – including your phone.


I worked closely with the Sol Republic design team focusing on finding an integrated solution that would store the 1/4″ connector when not in use. We designed a metal collar mount solution with screw post to ensure it would never get lost and also stay out of the way when it wasn’t needed – this was an issue with most existing high-end cables. The Pro Cables like all Sol Republic audio equipment uses premium materials and sweats even the smallest details.


Upwell Design Sol Republic Pro Cables concepts

Early Cable Concepts
I looked at many variations of how we could attach the 1/4″ connector when not in use; this was just one front runner.



 “Pro cables are another example of a well-made product that exemplifies what Sol Republic is and continues to represent.”

Luminati Customer Review