on | Walhub Future Concepts

We recently kicked off an in-house design program at Upwell that will be focusing on a new Walhub future product line called ON. This program will explore future concepts with the long term objective of bringing the best concepts to market… This new line of Walhub products will have integrated power and technology and will work with the existing Walhub switch plate system. Incorporating power in these products at their locations opens up endless possibilities for this line: lighting, Bluetooth communication, inductive charging as well as others. These products will concentrate on connectivity with our mobile devices, bridging the gap between smart phone (or other mobile devices) and smart home. The goal of the Walhub system remains the same, whether it’s a powered Walhub accessory or an analog one it’s there to simplify and enhance your daily routine.

We’re excited to kick off this new design project at Upwell and look forward to documenting and sharing our process with you. We’ll try and post our process as often as possible. Feel free to comment and suggest, being so early in the conceptual process were open to anything!