New Upwell Work | PUNK for Sol Republic

Its always nice to see new work come to fruition.
PUNK is a wireless bluetooth speaker designed to be the smaller, transportable, more durable version of DECK – Sol Republics first wireless speaker. The goal was not only to create a small, transportable speaker, but one that followed (visually) very closely in the steps of DECK – the older brother within SOL’s wireless speaker family.

While migrating DECK’s existing product language on to the PUNK’s stout proportions we also focused on a transportation/wearable feature. I looked at mechanisms like clips, silicone bands, screw posts, etc. We eventually settled on a universal mounting system – similar to a threaded tripod mount. This was a more cost affective solution… PUNK’s body exterior is molded silicone, with raised hard buttons for volume and bluetooth connection.
Now available at Sol Republic
sr_sm_punk punk-sol-upwell-design1-speaker punk-sol-upwell-design

Sketch it – Build it | Rapid Studio Design Project


Upwell Studio weekend design challenge. Add more storage space via custom wood cabinets… and stay on budget! Custom cabinets built using basic affordable Lowe’s¬†lumber: 3/4″ Pine and 3/16″ Birch sheets – $425.00 all in. Design and sketch on Friday – purchase build and hang on Saturday and Sunday.




Upwell Design, An industrial design studio

Welcome to the new Upwell Design site

In this blog section I will be posting new Upwell work, worthy design stories and flattering press of course Рbut for now  have a look at the new site, find out what Upwell is all about Рand feel free to leave a comment.

Upwell is myself, an industrial designer focused on crafting thoughtful work for my clients. I love what i do; mostly because it gives me a valid excuse to conduct social experiments in order to better understand how we interact with each other and our surroundings. This is in turn gains me knowledge so that I can improve upon, or at the very least support those experiences through design solutions.

I’m always happy to discuss future collaborations, no matter what the medium or category may be.
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