• Justin Porcano

    I have 13+ years of design experience ranging from consumer electronics and connected devices to contract furniture and small scale architecture. Prior to joining Fjord - where I currently reside as principal industrial designer - I held creative positions with Pentagram, Lunar and New Deal Design and ran my own consultancy Upwell Design for 8 years where I thrived – and still do – on the creative process and collaboration between my team, clients and partners. My broad exposure to multiple design mediums and love for hands on making allows me to approach todays complex user needs from multiple angles which often require an integrated physical and digital solution. || Work and CV available upon request

Spare Time Projects

Inductive Charging iPhone Case

Upwells latest iPhone case design will be produced to work with Upwells Walhub system as an inductive phone charging accessory for […]

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design medical splint 3dprinting

Custom Medical Splints in Hospitals - Why Not?

I recently dislocated my finger and was told by the Dr. I would’ve been better off breaking it… She said […]

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